Sinhagad Road Area Overview For Real Estate Investor

Sinhagad Road Pune

Published Data: 22th April 2021

Among the many residential areas in Pune, Sinhgad Road stands as the most preferred one. Homebuyers usually get confused by the huge pool of options available when it comes to residential real estate properties. There are numerous parameters to analyze when it comes to home buying, yet the locality is considered the most important one. So, what should you know as a real estate investor or a home buyer about the surrounding area? Here is the Sinhagad road Pune overview, that will ease your stress and answer all your questions:

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Area ambiance:

When it comes to buying a home, you have many options to choose from. Each project offers numerous parameters to analyze, which sometimes can confuse or overwhelm you. Here is a shortlist to make home-buying easier for you:

Where you live and what’s around you when you exit your housing premises matters. Your lifestyle in a particular housing project partially depends on the type of locality it is situated in. At Sinhagad Road, you live in premium surroundings. The area is a posh one, with excellent maintenance services of public facilities. There will be no inconvenience in the matters of travel, as a four-lane Sinhagad road passes through the area, connecting SwarGate on one side and Nanded City on the other. Apart from peak office timings, this area hardly faces any traffic congestion, making it easier for you and your loved ones to commute easily.

The greenery around the location:

Sinhagad Road area is popular for its pleasant atmosphere and peaceful surroundings. It is situated on the banks of the Mutha river and hence experiences a cool climate at most times of the year. Apart from the river, there is pristine greenery around and inside this locality. It sits facing the Taljai hills which not only offer a majestic view but also attract rains and help maintain a stable temperature in this area. The P.L.Deshpande garden is also located in the area providing recreation and lots of cool breezes. Having been situated in the arms of nature on all sides, Sinhagad road makes an ideal location for living for nature-lovers and even families.

Proximity to key areas:

Sinhagad Road Area Connectivity

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Sinhagad Road is unbelievably close to Pune city. It is one of the few areas which offer peaceful living while staying in touch with the city lights. Major areas of Pune city like SwarGate, Market Yard, Sadashiv Peth, Shaniwar Wada, and many more are at a few minutes' distances from Sinhagad Road. Even Nanded City lies close to this locality, making it an attractive housing option for working professionals. Here is an overview of the areas close to Sinhagad Road:

Places of Daily needs:

For a family man, it is important to take an area survey of what lies close to it. The number of good schools and hospitals, places of work, recreation centers, malls, and even grocery stores nearby matter when buying a home.

Educational Institutes:

Sinhgad College of Engineering

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As a young parent, your first concern when investing in a house is the nearby educational hubs. What are your closest options and how are they ranked, are the first questions that knock the doors of your mind. Fortunately, Sinhagad road being a premium locality, there are excellent schools and colleges in and around this area. Have a look:


Sinhagad Speciality Hospital

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This is a necessity none can deny. Hospitals close to your living area are a must for people of all ages. You must have premium healthcare facilities in times of urgency. Sinhagad Road area has excellent healthcare centers around it.

Business hubs:

Symphony IT Park Pune

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When traffic time is replaced with family time, the happiness it brings is priceless. When work is close to home you undoubtedly have more time for yourself. Take a look at what options are available for you nearby Sinhagad Road:

Recreation Hubs:

Pune Okayama Friendship Garden

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It is not just Pune Okayama Garden that Sinhagad Road is famous for. There is so much space to have fun with your pals near this locality.

Having all of these close to your dream home is a convenience like none other. So what are your home buying options in Sinhagad Road?

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